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What are the vital signs of a healthy church?

healthVibrant - Healthy churches are not satisfied witht he status quo. They are made up of people who are made alive in a relationship with Jesus Christ, which in turn impacts their relationship with one another and are committed to the mission God has given them.
Connected - Healthy churches cultivate a vital and dynamic community lived out in loving and caring relationships. As they have experienced grace, mercy and forgiveness from God, they extend it to one another and build up one another in love.
Fruitful - Healthy churches are engaged in a compelling mission. They are focused outward building bridges rather than walls. They place a high priority on communicating the truth of Jesus, demonstrating his love to those outside the faith, and serving people in need.
A healthy church reflects a dynamic balance with these three vital signs.  They are interdependent dynamics of church life, which reflect a three dimensional thrust, upward, inward, and outward.
Vital Signs Flow
Vibrant (Upward) This vital sign has an upward thrust is characterized by the following qualities:
  • Focus on the reign of God and His Kingdom
  • Exalted and empowered worship 
  • Supernatural Presence of God
  • Passionate Spirituality

Connected (Inward) This vital sign has an inward thrust characterized by the following qualities:
  • Strong community lived out in loving and caring relationships
  • Engaged in mutual ministry
  • Exercise of spiritual gifts
  • Maintains unity and harmony
  • Practices reconciling grace

Fruitful (Outward) This vital sign has an outward thrust characterized by the following qualities:
  • Focuses on others rather than self
  • Engaged in evangelism
  • Reaches out to the poor
  • Strong cross-cultural and global missions

Leadership for healthy churches - Cultivating healthy churches doesn’t just happen.  It is a process that involves dynamic team leadership in the congregation involving both the pastoral staff and lay people.  Leadership elements essential to cultivate healthy congregations are the following:  
  • Empowered leaders who lead with the spirit of a servant
  • Empowered teaching and preaching
  • Effective and efficient structures
  • Clearly articulated vision & mission
  • Every member participation    

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